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Ad van Hassel was born on 26 April 1953 in Roosendaal (the Netherlands). Ad van Hassel started painting in 1980 after years of practising various creative disciplines. In 1983 he founded two exclusive galleries in the Sonesta and Krasnapolsky hotels in Amsterdam.

Ad has specialised in screen printing since 1990, not only for himself but also for other artists. He was Herman Brood's regular printer for over 12 years. Other artists such as Corneille, Jan Cremer and Rob Scholte also worked with him and respected his expertise. After the death of Herman Brood and Corneille, Ad decided to concentrate on a new technique: CNC laser cutting and milling of various materials from which his wildly coloured sculptures, banknotes and Pop Art sweets are made.

Ad's art is particularly in demand and his unique pieces are sold all over the world through galleries, and find their way to companies and individuals.

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