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Classic collectors who bought works online in the last 12 months (%) (Source: Hiscox)

The Nami Pop Gallery aims to develop the presence of artists on the most visited art websites in the world (between 500,000 and 3 million unique visitors per month per site) and to boost their sales.

To this end, the Nami Pop Gallery has a number of proven offerings and many artists have become best-sellers in this way through contact with thousands of collectors.

The health restrictions we have been experiencing for the past year have had a global impact on the work of artists in galleries and fairs.

achat d'art en ligne
New collectors who have purchased works online in the last 12 months and their purchasing dynamics in previous years (%) (Source: Hiscox)

The online market is growing

At the same time, however, the online market, which was already growing strongly, has expanded significantly. According to Hiscox, Covid-19 is a catalyst for online art sales this year.

65% of online art platforms believe that the current crisis will have a permanent impact on the art market, establishing online art buying as a traditional mode of consumption. (Source:

It is this market that we propose to integrate.

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